Notice on Applying for CTGU Admission Ambassadors 三峡大学2023年来华留学生招生宣传大使选拔通知
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Notice on Applying for CTGU Admission Ambassadors

In order to display the internationalized characteristic, improve the reputation and set up a better image for China Three Gorges University (CTGU) , as well as to encourage the international students' involvement and enhance friendship and the sense of belonging of international students, to promote high quality development of education for international students, CTGU is going to select some Admission Ambassadors. The relevant items are notified as below.

I. Responsibilities of Admission Ambassador

1. To innovate ways of marketing (pictures, videos, PPT and other ways) to share your study and life in CTGU to show the internationalized campus atmosphere and enhance overseas students’ sense of belonging.

2. To return to home country during the holidays or to promote through internet CTGU's advantages of disciplines, talent training, internationalized university and scholarship policies, and recommend excellent students to apply for CTGU.

3. To provide application information for the students who intends to apply for CTGU, and establish continuous contacts through WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Instagram or other social platforms to answer questions asked by the applicants and help them to register.

4. To transfer the specific arrival information of the recommended students to the Admission Office one week in advance and assist them to complete the registration and other related procedures.

5. To send the list of recommended students and electronic version of “Work Report" (both pictures, texts and supportive materials if there is) to admission@ctgu.edu.cn by November 15, 2023.

6. To assist the recommended freshmen in adapting to their study and life here, and assist the school in their education and management. If necessary, assist in contacting and communicating with the parents/guardians of the recommended students.

7. To assist CTGU to establish cooperation and exchange with universities and educational institutions of your home country.

II. Qualifications

1. The applicants shall be the students who are studying in CTGU more than half a year (including the outstanding graduates or alumnus), loving CTGU, being enthusiastic about public interests, caring about the development of the University and the future of the outstanding young people of motherland, being interested in the admission marketing of international students in China;

2. Students with good academic performance and actively participate in university organized activities;

3. Students themselves or previous recommended students have never been involved in major safety incidents or related violations;

4. Students with good physical and mental health, good character, bright personality, strong sense of responsibility, strong organizational ability, publicity ability and ability of cross-cultural communication and coordination;

5. Students with good language skills, strong practical operation ability, familiar with computer office software, photography, image processing, video editing and production skills. Student who has HSK certificate is preferred.

III. Application and Selection Procedures

1. From now on to April 17, students download the Application Form of CTGU Admission Ambassadors (Attachment 1), fill it and get the signature & stamp from the relevant college, then submit to Admission Office of J-1515.

2. From 17April to 18 April, the Admission Office will review the application documents and select the excellent applicants as candidate for the Admission Ambassador of CTGU.

3. From 19 April to 25 April, the Admission Office will organize interviews and examinations, mainly in the form of campaign speeches, judges' questions and talent show. The specific time is yet to be determined.

4. On April 26, The Admission Office will confirm the list of "Admission Ambassadors CTGU in 2023" after publicity without objection on the basis of the examination results. The Admission Ambassadors will sign the Commitment of CTGU Admission Ambassador (Attachment 2).

5. On May 4, after the training organized by the Admissions Office, the Admission Ambassadors officially win the job and start to work.

IV. Harvest after Work

1. Professional Training: the University will organize comprehensive training on International study policy, campus culture, management characteristics, etc. One participate in the training will have the opportunity to improve themselves in an all-round way;

2. Certificate of "CTGU Admission Ambassadors": the Certificate of CTGU Admission Ambassadors will be awarded after the students join in the training, pass the examination or interview and win the job;

3. All-round packaging: exquisite admission brochures, campus cultural shirts, small souvenirs with school logo, which will light up the marketing trip, will be provided;

4. Improving personal ability and displaying personality charm: you can take this opportunity to develop organizational skills, communicating, speaking and expressing abilities. Moreover, you can share your life experience with young students in your home country, so that they can adapt university life in advance.

5. Rewards will be offered to the excellent admission ambassadors.

V. Contact:

Ms. Xiao Ping

Tel: 0717-639 4999

E-mail: admission@ctgu.edu.cn

The College of International Communications

China Three Gorges University

April 6, 2023

Attachment 1: Application Form of CTGU Admission Ambassadors

Attachment 2: Commitment of CTGU Admission Ambassador



1. 创新宣传形式,通过图片、小视频、PPT等多种方式分享自己在三峡大学的学习与生活,展现三峡大学国际化的校园氛围,增进海外学子对三峡大学的认知度。

2. 利用假期回国或通过网络积极宣传我校优势学科、人才培养、国际化办学特色和奖学金政策,推荐优秀学子申请三峡大学。

3. 为有意申请三峡大学的本国学子提供申请资讯,通过微信、QQFacebookInstagram等社交平台建立持续性联络,帮助申请人答疑解惑并协助申请报到等手续。


5. 20231115日以前,将所推荐学生名单和本人《招生宣传工作总结》(图文并茂,含支撑材料(如有))电子版发送至admission@ctgu.edu.cn

6. 协助所推荐的新生适应在校学习和生活,并帮助学校对其的教育和管理,在必要情况下须协助做好与被推荐学生家长/监护人的联系与沟通工作。

7. 协助我校与所在国高校及教育部门开展合作与交流。


1. 热爱三峡大学、热心公益事业、关心学校发展和其祖国优秀青年的未来,对来华留学生招生宣传工作感兴趣并充满热忱的在我校学习半年及以上的优秀来华留学生(含毕业生);

2. 学习成绩良好,在校期间积极参与学校组织的相关活动;

3. 本人或以往推荐的学生从未涉及重大安全事件或相关违纪行为;

4. 身心健康、品行端正、个性开朗,有较强的责任心、组织能力和宣讲能力,跨文化沟通协调能力强;

5. 语言文字功底好,实践操作能力强,熟悉计算机办公软件、有摄影、图片处理、视频编辑与制作等技能,有HSK证书者优先考虑。


1. 即日起至417日,学生自愿申请,下载附件1《三峡大学来华留学生“招生宣传大使”申请表》填写,学院签字盖章后交至J-1515留学生招生办公室。

2. 417日至418日,留学生招生办公室初审申请人材料,择优确定三峡大学“招生宣传大使”候选人。

3. 419日至425日,留学生招生办公室组织面试考核,主要采取竞选演说、评委提问与才艺展示等形式;具体时间另行通知。

4. 426日留学生招生办公室根据考核成绩,校内公示无异议后确定三峡大学2023年“招生宣传大使”名单,招生大使签署《三峡大学招生宣传大使承诺书》(见附件2)。

5. 54日,留学生招生办公室组织培训后,“招生宣传大使”正式上岗并开始工作。




3. 全方位的包装支持:精美的招生手册、校园文化衫、带学校logo的小纪念品等,将点亮大使的招生宣传之旅;

4. 提高个人能力,展示个性魅力:锻炼组织活动、沟通、演讲与表达能力,向所在国学子分享海外留学生活体验,让学弟学妹提前感知大学生活;

5. 优秀招生宣传大使还将得到一定的奖励。



电话: 0717-639 4999






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