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CTGU Bachelor of Communication and Computer Technology in English
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Bachelor of Communication and Computer Technology


Qualification Awarded: Bachelor's Degree


Faculty: College of Computer Science and Information Technology


Teaching language: Chinese and English


Duration: 4 years


Start date: Around October


Key Courses:

1. Signal Analysis and Processing

2. Communications Theory

3. Modern Switching Principles

4. Mobile Communication

5. Computer Network

6. Technology and Application of AVR Microcontroller

7. Principle and Design of Embedded System

8. Program Design of Mobile Intelligent Terminal

9. Short Distance Wireless Communication Technology

10. Digital Image Processing

11. Communications Theory Lab

12. Mobile Communication Lab

13. AVR Microcontroller Technology Practice

14. Embedded System Design Practice

15. Design of Short Distance Wireless Communication

Training Objective:This major is based on the communication and computerknowledge, training talented engineer who can be engaged in the field of communication, such as communicationsengineering research and design, equipment manufacturing and maintenance, communication network operation and technical management, or in other related professionsengaged in the development of communication and information technology and application.

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