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CTGU Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in English
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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Qualification Awarded:Bachelor’s Degree

Faculty:College of Economics and Management

Teaching language:English

Duration:4 years

Start date:Around October

Key Courses:

1. Introduction to Management

2. Macroeconomics

3. Microeconomics

4. Business Strategy Management

5. Accounting principle

6. MIS

7. Economic Laws

8. Statistics

9. Marketing

10. Financial Management

11. Human Resources Management

12. Small and Medium Enterprise Management

13. Entrepreneurial management

14. Production and Operations Management

Training Objective:This program is aimed to cultivate high-qualified applied talents who are equipped with theories and knowledge in management, economy, law, modern enterprise management. Meanwhile, the students are expected to occupy a high professional quality and strong ability of management practice and communication so that they can be engaged in the management and research work in various enterprises and institutions.

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