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My Hubei Story by Arslan Qasim
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I want to become an Engineer. It’s my dream since my childhood.After my graduation,I had an opportunity to get admission in China, because my big brother has been already studying in Haikou, Hainan province.He helped me a lot for my admission in China. Finally, with his help I got admission in China Three Gorges University in Yichang, a city of Hubei province.

When I decided to study in CTGU, I was very nervous and also very exciting. New people, new places, new cultures, everything was new for me.I still remember my first day in China. I flew to Urumqi first.When I arrived at Urumqi airport, the weather was very cold. I spent one night here. In the early morning, I had another flight Urmuqi to Guangzhou.After the 2 hours stay in Guangzhou, I reached in my city Yichang. After seeing green mountains,I felt like I have entered in a kind of heaven where mountains,trees seemed like they warmly welcoming me.That was the natural beauty.

As I studied in Yichang, I found it, with its history, culture and natural beauty, is worth exploring. It is the second largest city in Hubei province, central China, Yichang is blessed and cursed with its proximity to the Three Gorges Dam.Lying on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, it is just 40 kilometers from the world's largest dam project, which attracts visitors from China and abroad.Yichang, which at one time was the gateway to the Yangtze River, is used by the majority of tourists simply as the end point of a Three Gorges river cruise and seldom seen as an attraction in itself or a point for launching trips further downstream.

Moreover, I found that in Yichang people are very hardworking, sincere, patient and very punctual. They are always on time whenever the class or lecture and dedicated in their work. I really like Yichang people and also make many friends during the study in CTGU. They are like my families, not just friends. Besides, the teachers of CTGU not only deliver the knowledge but also they act as life mentors, who help us with economic, health or even relationship problems. They have never show any discrimination or any kind of partiality, which is the most concern for me before I got there. I can feel that I am respected by the teachers. I thought that I have made a wise decision to get education amongst these open hearted people.Now I am a student of Electrical Engineering department.I hope,I will do my best for my College.

Name: Arslan Qasim,

College of Electrical Engineering and New Energy,

China Three Gorges University

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