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My Hubei Story by Arghya Uthpal Mondal
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Before starting my Hubei story I have to let you know how I know about China well. “One World,One Dream”which was the slogon of Beijing Olympic 2008.That was an grand event thatwas organized by China. From then on, Ibegan to know China and I wished to come to China for travelling. At present,I want to say than I am so lucky because that I am studying in China and living in Hubei province.

Hubei is a province of east-central China. ‘Hu’ means ‘lake’ and ‘bei’ means ‘north’in English. The name of the province means “north of the lake”, which refers to its position north of the Dongting Lake. The provincial capital of Hubei is Wuhan that is the major transportation, the political, cultural, and economical hub of Central China .There are 13 prefectures,102 counties and 1,235 townships in Hubei province.

Hubei has subtropical monsoon climate with an average temperature of 15° C for a yearand there is distinction between four seasons with hot burning summer and chilly winter, pleasant spring and dry autumn. Its diverse landscape is surrounded by green mountains and clear lakes.

I have been living here about two years and six months.I arrived in China May 1st 2013. Actually,I was so exicited when I first arrived in China on the first of May, 2013.I came here for studying in China Three Gorges University which is located in Yichang city that is the second largest city in Hubei province and it is also an important and beautiful city. China Three Gorges University is one of the best universities in both Hubei province and China.The most well-known and popular major is Hydrauelectric Engineering.The world famous and biggest projection -Three Gorges Dam is located in the city.

I’ve found that the people of Hubei province are very friendly and good mannered .Their behavior for foreigners is very hospitable and amazingly humbled.If I asked someone for help they are very eager to help. I have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge through local people.I have visited a lot of Chinese families and friends .I saw their life styles,their eating habits and so on with perfect skills in art craft and civilized manners. That is a great experience for me.Most important point is that I am taught a lot of Chinese language and some dialects through communicatingwith them.This is my best experience ever I got.

People in Hubei speak Mandarin dialects. Most of these dialects are classified as south western Mandarin dialects. Huangmei and Chu opera styles and a wide range of folk songs are very popular in Hubei. Huangmei opera is especially renowned and it is spreading around Beijing,Shanghai and Anhui.The food of Hubei province is very famous.Hubei people like to eat spicy food. They use dried hot pepper, black pepper and other spices to enhance the flavour of dishes. There are plenty of lakes, rivers and marshlands in Hubei. Fresh water are used as major ingredients in the local cuisine and there are plenty of street foods.I love to eat there.

I have visited a few places in Hubei province in these years which includWuhan , Jingzhou and the surrounding of Yichang. As a foreign student I am very eager to know about Chinae specially Hubei province. Hubei is officially abbreviated to an ancient name associated with the eastern part of the province since the Qin dynasty, while a popular name for Hubei is after the powerful State of Chu that existed here during the Eastern Zhou dynasty. It borders Henan to the north, Anhui to the east, Jiangxi to the southeast, Hunan to the south, Chongqing to the west, and Shaanxi to the northwest.

During the last summer vacation I traveled toWuhan. I not only enjoyed but also gathered knowledge.It was the way to explore the world for me. I have visited Wuhan university.Its environment really attracted my eyes.One word to discribe which is“charming”.Especially the old library of Wuhan University.I also visited the Optic Wally square, which has different styles of streets with the shape and architecture of foreign cities of Spain, Germany and Italy including East lake,Wuhan museum, Yellow Crane Tower also including some other amazing places. The trip to Wuhan was an awesome trip with lots of beautiful memories of life.I also saw the most amazing the first Yangzte river bridge.That bridge is huge and so long.It’s a historical bridge for China and it is very important for transportation and the economy of China . As a student of civil engineering, that bridge surprised me a lot.

My living place Yichang city which is full of beauty of nature.I have visited a lot of places in Yichang.All of these places are full of enjoyment and knowledge.I always desire for knowledge and Yichang is perfect for me for desire of knowledge.The giant dam named China Three Gorges Dam is one of the biggest dams located in Yichang.I have been there for several times which produces huge electric power for China.I also visited San Xia Ren jia which is very beautiful place and attracts me lot.I wish I could go there again.

I never visited tea garden before but in Yichang I has got an opportunity to visit a tea garden.I like to drink Chinese tree .Chinese green tee smells good.I also tasted different varieties of teas in Hubei. I have heard that China is the largest producer of tea in the world with a 30-35% of the total world tea production.That makes me remind of a Chines proverb that, “An entire life is not enough to know all of the Chinese teas”.

Yichang is also famous for rafting competition.which is very desperate and exciting to me.I joined this game two times.Every year rafters from several countries come to Yichang for taking part in this rafting event.This is the most magnificent event in Yichang.

I have heard several festivals of Hubei province through my Chinese friend,such as Wuhan East Lake World Top University Boat Race, Pagoda Tree Flowers Festival and so on.There is also a famous festival which is named Peach Blossom Festival and it is celebrated every year in my university campus,a colorful event.All flowers are bloomed and nature looks very charming.On that day all overseas students and teachers from many countries gather together and celebrate this festival.I really love this festival. That day international students and Chinese students get together to dance,sing the songs ,have fashion shows and participate in all kinds of events.

It is a pity that I am far away from my home, from my country.But I rarely miss my family.The reason is that I have got all the beautiful moments in Hubei that I want to live in the present and enjoy the life and happiness here. All of my classmates, Chinese friends and my honorable teachers let me feel at home.So I forget about this and learn to enjoy the life here.

In all, Hubei is the ideal please for living and traveling.China is growing rapidly .Hubei provincial government should take necessary measures to develop Hubei province in an all-round way and other people of the world could visit and experience the amazing beauty of Hubei province .At last I want to say China is a country of joy, wonder,and beautiful people.I hope in the future China will develop more rapidly. I wish a long life for my Chinese friends and all Chinese people .

Arghya Uthpal Mondal

Collegeof Civil Engineering and Architecture

China Three Gorges University.

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