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2017-2018 Hubei Provincial Scholarship Programs
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Program Introduction:      

“Hubei Provincial Scholarship” is established by Hubei Provincial Government, with a goal of encouraging more international students to study or do scientific research in Hubei provincial higher education institutes. With the approval of Hubei provincial government and Hubei Provincial Department of Education, China Three Gorges University (CTGU) recruits “Hubei Provincial Scholarship International Student” from all over the world to study or do research in CTGU.    

The International students could apply for scholarship from CTGU. Tuition fee of the first year or four years will be covered by Hubei Provincial Scholarship fund. Other regular fees shall be paid by students according to the university fees structure. From the second year onwards, the students are required to pay at their own expense.    

Programs open for the scholarship application of academic year 2017-2018:      

Master of Medicine (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Master of Mechanical Engineering (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Materials (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Communication Technology (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (First Year Tuition Waiver)

Bachelor of Public Administration and International Relations (Conditional Four Years Tuition Waiver)      

Bachelor of Pharmacy(First Year Tuition Waiver)

The scholarship will cover the expense as below:      

One-year or Four-year tuition fee

Documents for application:      

*Completed application via http://lsx.ctgu.edu.cn/

*Application documents for relevant programs    

Application deadline: 7th of July

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