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CTGU Bachelor of Social Sports and Wushu in Chinese and English
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Bachelor of Social Sports and Wushu

Qualification Awarded:Bachelor’s Degree

Faculty:College of Physical Education

Teaching language:Chinese/English

Duration:4 years

Start date:Around October

Key Courses:

1. Chinese

2.GeneralIntroduction to China

3. Sports Anatomy

4. Principle and Method of Body Building

5. The Health Care of Sports

6. Physical Education of Psychology

7. Sports Management

8. Sports Healing

9. Chinese Sports and Health

10. Major Items (WuShu)

11. Minor Items (Taekwondo, Basketball)

12. Qigong cultivation (Baduanjin, Wuqinxi)

13. Taiji Quan

14. San Shou

15. Dragon and Lion

16. Dragon Boat

17. Bashan Dance


Training Objective:This major is aimed to cultivate social sports personnel with“high quality, strong ability, application-orientation”, adapted to the needs of the 21 century socialist modernization construction and the talent training requirements of CTGU, developing in an all round way, morally, intellectually and physically.

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