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CTGU Bachelor of Pharmacy in English
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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Qualification Awarded:Bachelor’s Degree

Faculty:College of Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching language:English

Duration:4 years

Start date:Around October

Training Objectives:

This program is for training the qualified candidates meeting the requirements of Bio-industry and with a comprehensive development both in mentally and physically, a grasp of basic theories, knowledge and skills of Chemistry and Engineering and a competitive capacity in learning and innovation. The graduates are expected to be applied, comprehensive and skilled talents who can work in Bio-industry engaged in design, production, management, new technology research and innovation as well as product development.



1. 18 years old or above; in good health; high school graduate or higher

2. Good English proficiency. Students who have basic knowledge of Chinese language will be given priority.


Application Documents:

1. Completed Application Form

2. Passport Copy with Photo Page

3. Health Certificate

4. The Highest Degree Certificate

5. Official Transcript

6. Certificate of Physical Examination


Key Courses:

1. Introduction of Bioengineering

2. Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

3. Organic Chemistry

4. Physical Chemistry

5. Biochemistry

6. Bioprocess Principle

7. Biorefinery Technology

8. Principle of Chemical Engineering

9. Principle of Chemical Engineering

10. Microbiology

11. Ferment Engineering

12. Biology Separation Engineering

13. Bioengineering Equipment

14. Industry Analysis

15. Chemical Engineering Instrument& Automation

16. Metabolic Engineering

17. Management of Drugs& Certification of GMP

18. Technology of Biochemical Products

19. Enzymatic Engineering& Enzymatic Preparation

20. Brewing Technology

21. Biosynthesis Medicinal Technology

22. Medical Chemistry

23. Medical Analysis

24. Industrial Microbiology& Experiments


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