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CTGU Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Materials in English
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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Materials


Qualification Awarded: Bachelor's Degree


Faculty: College of Materials and Chemical Engineering


Teaching language: English


Duration: 4 years


Start date: Around October

Training Objective:

This program is aimed to cultivate high-qualified applied talents who are equipped with theories and knowledge basis in natural science, strong ability of foreign languages and general knowledge of humanities and social science. Meanwhile, the students are expected to occupy a high professional quality and strong ability of basic theories and techniques related to new energy material. After graduation, students can be engaged in production and processing, process designing, technological development, scientific research .etc in fields such as solar energy and energy storage materials.


1. 18 years old or above; in good health; high school graduate or higher

2. Good English proficiency. Students who have basic knowledge of Chinese language will be given priority.

Application Documents:

1. Completed Application Form

2. Passport Copy (Photo Page)

3. Health Certificate

4. The Highest Degree Certificate

5. Official Transcript

6. Certificate of Physical Examination

Key Courses:

1. Engineering Chemistry

2. Fundamentals of Materials Science

3. Physical Chemistry of Materials

4. Fundamental of Thermo-technology

5. Electrical Engineering & Electronics

6. Synthetic Fundamentals of Inorganic Materials

7. Solid State Physics

8. Semiconductor Physics and Devices

9. Fundamental of Electrochemistry

10. Physical Property of Inorganic non-metallic Materials

11. Micro-analysis of Materials

12. Film Physics and Film materials

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