A Bite Of Hubei
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Talk about Hubei cuisine


China is famous for its food in the world.We are in Hubei, Hubei food must be full of curiosity. Next, the editor will take you to have a look at all kinds of food and snacks in Hubei.


01 Hot-dry noodles 热干面

Hot-dry noodles is not only one of the most famous snacks in Wuhan,Hubei province,but also one of the top ten noodles in China. Its color is yellow and oily, delicious in taste. Due to its high calorie, it can also be used as a staple food and the nutritious breakfast to supplem the energy needed by the body.

热干面(Hot-dry noodles)是中国十大面条之一,湖北武汉最出名的小吃。其色泽黄而油润,味道鲜美,由于热量高,也可以当作主食,营养早餐,补充机体所需的能量。

02 Jingwu Duck Neck 精武鸭脖

Jingwu duck neck is the most famous traditional snack in Wuhan, Hubei province. It gets its name from Jingwu Road, which originated in Hankou. Jingwu duck neck is an improved Sichuan brine recipe and used on duck neck. With Sichuan spicy style, Jingwu duck neck has a tangy flavor, stimulating taste and delicious, so it soon became a favorite snack of Wuhan people. Jingwu Duck Neck has more than a dozen shops along Jingwu Road. Today,Jingwu Duck Neck can be seen all over the country.


03 The wuchang fish 武昌鱼

Wuchang fish is a traditional dish, which belongs to Hubei cuisine. The fat is thick, the meat is fine and waxy, the oil is smooth, the taste is exceptionally delicious, and it is loved and respected by the public. In addition, Wuchang fish has the effect of tonifying deficiency, invigorating spleen,nourishing blood, dispelling wind and invigorating stomach, and can prevent diseases such as poverty disease, hypoglycemia, high Xian pressure and arteriosclerosis


04 The bean curd  豆皮

Wuhan bean curd, especially Tongcheng old bean curd, is delicious and tasty. Bean curd is a traditional earthy flavor in Hubei. Rural every year to the winter, is the slack season, after the winter solstice there is the custom of ironing bean curd. Especially around the 24th of the 12th lunar month, almost every household is hot bean curd.


05 Rice wine 米酒

Xiaogan rice wine is a traditional local snack in Hubei Province with a history of more than 500 years. It's a name that goes back a long time. It was made from Xiaogan high quality glutinous rice by saccharization and fermentation with Fengwo fermented yeast. The ripe rice wine Yi - Mi San soup is clear, green in color, sweet in taste and rich in nutrients such as vitamins, glucose and amino acids. It is a good nutritional product for the old and young.


06 CIBA Fish 糍粑鱼

Ciba fish is a strong local characteristics of Hubei local flavor dishes. This product to carp as the main raw material, after curing, drying and boiling. CIBA fish taste salty and spicy, taste delicious, "smell is smelly, eat is fragrant" said. Rice flavorings, wine flavorings, and sticky rice are already popular in southeast Hubei. This fish because of fish cut into pieces, shaped like glutinous rice, so named glutinous rice fish.


07 Pearl balls  珍珠丸子

The traditional Hubei folk steamed vegetable of Pearl Balls is made of pork fat, minced meat, fish meat, water chestnut, etc. . It is mixed with refined salt, pepper, scallion flower, ginger powder, Shaoxing wine and stuffing, and extruded into balls. The balls are soaked with hot filtered dry glutinous rice and steamed in a pan. White color, crystal clear rice grains like pearls, eating up soft glutinous sweet, very popular.


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